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26 agust 2014, thusday

Kazakhstan's Kcell Posts Rise in Profits and Revenues

Kazakhstan's Kcell has announced its first quarter financial results

25 agust 2014, monday

MER Group Wins Kazakh Tower Deployment Contract

MER Group says that it has been chosen to provide tower infrastructure solutions to an unnamed mobile operator in Kazakhstan.

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Linear cable sector

Technical operation of linear structures of local telecommunication networks:
Ensuring smooth and high-quality work of serviced facilities;
Keeping linear constructions in accordance with technical standards and regulations;
Elimination of all arising damages and  linear constructions accidents.

The main types of work:

  • Technical maintenance of linear-cable constructions (LCC);
  • Current repair of LCC;
  • Keeping and installation of trunk lines under constant excess gas pressure;
  • Measurement of cable lines' characteristics;
  • Supervision of the organizations working in the buffer zone of LCC;
  • Elimination of damages and cable lines accidents;
  • Elimination of damages of cable sewage;
  • Elimination of damages of overhead lines and subscriber installations;
  • Overhaul of linear-cable facilities.

Centralized maintenance method with the functions of responsibility:

  • Implementation of the work plan;
  • The quality of work performed;
  • The technical condition of facilities;
  • The number of linear and cable damages;
  • Elimination of damages in the target dates;
  • Preservation of facilities;
  • Keeping cables under constant excess air pressure;
  • Compliance with safety regulations.