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26 agust 2014, thusday

Kazakhstan's Kcell Posts Rise in Profits and Revenues

Kazakhstan's Kcell has announced its first quarter financial results

25 agust 2014, monday

MER Group Wins Kazakh Tower Deployment Contract

MER Group says that it has been chosen to provide tower infrastructure solutions to an unnamed mobile operator in Kazakhstan.

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Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)

SCS Volition system contains solutions for copper and fiber connections, patch cords, trunk cables, as well as vertical and horizontal cabling subsystems for use both indoors and outdoors. SCS Volition - a unique set of products combined into a system which provides freedom of choice when creating and optimizing network architecture as a whole. With this product line, it is possible to build a data transmission system in 5e, 6, 7, and 10G categories. Incorporated innovative solutions provide ease of installation, high performance and reliability of the system, which generally improves the economic and operational performance of a large modern enterprise network.

LSE Company has many years of experience in building cable networks. To our customers and partners we provide innovative solutions SCS, technologies, a wide range of copper and fiber optic components, training and technical support, building a mutually beneficial relationships.

Standard distributed network
In traditional architecture, optic cable is used as the trunk cable, and the horizontal distributive portion of the network is usually performed based on a copper twisted pair or optical cable.  Trunk network cables are routed from the central cross of the building (distributive mechanism) to one or more storey cross devices located on each floor in the telecommunications rooms where is also placed an active network equipment - hubs, switches, etc.

Network of "area of distribution"
Movement of users, additional equipment or layout changes in the conditions of an "open office" or a large hall can be carried out quickly and efficiently using a combination of consolidation points and pre-terminated cables installed to the workplace. Wiring to end user not only increases flexibility of the network, but also reduces time to change its configuration. It provides considerable cost savings.