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26 agust 2014, thusday

Kazakhstan's Kcell Posts Rise in Profits and Revenues

Kazakhstan's Kcell has announced its first quarter financial results

25 agust 2014, monday

MER Group Wins Kazakh Tower Deployment Contract

MER Group says that it has been chosen to provide tower infrastructure solutions to an unnamed mobile operator in Kazakhstan.

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Trunk Links

The main directions on the Company's technical operation of linear-cable constructions (LCC) of the trunk links:

  • Providing reliable and high-quality work of serviced linear constructions;
  • Keeping linear constructions in accordance with the technical standards and requirements;
  • Timely and high quality work on repairing and improving the reliability of linear structures;
  • Work to ensure the safety of linear-cable constructions;
  • Enforcement of existing regulations, guidelines, instructions on the operation of constructions;
  • Work on the collection of statistical data on the status of networks and analysis of the quality and reliability of the network;
  • Conducting of documentation and statistical reporting in accordance with the approved rules and regulations.
  • Using a combined method of service with the basic functions:
  • Conducting security and prevention activities;
  • Carrying out current maintenance of LCC;
  • Carrying out planned preventive maintenance of LCC;
  • LCC repair in accordance with the plan;
  • Timely reduction of electrical and optical parameters of the links’ chain during operation and after the rescue and recovery operations;
  • Technical inspections during operation of LCC;
  • The emergency and recovery operations;
  • Capital repairs of LCC;
  • Keeping fixed equipment, instruments and tools in good condition.