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26 agust 2014, thusday

Kazakhstan's Kcell Posts Rise in Profits and Revenues

Kazakhstan's Kcell has announced its first quarter financial results

25 agust 2014, monday

MER Group Wins Kazakh Tower Deployment Contract

MER Group says that it has been chosen to provide tower infrastructure solutions to an unnamed mobile operator in Kazakhstan.

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"LSE" provides a full range of services for designing: preparation of drawings, designing and working documentation, receiving of permits - communication and networks nodes of 2G, 3G, 4G standards, fiber-optic lines (FOCL), radio-relay links. Also, the company carries out pre-project work: a survey of alleged siting of base stations and antenna structures, collection of basic data, development of a preliminary scheme of networking.
In addition, "LSE" experts calculate sanitary zones and engineering investigations for designing and construction of communication facilities, assist in obtaining the necessary permits. "LSE" ensures convenience, efficiency, reliable and safe operation of designed objects.

Designing of communication nodes
"LSE" provides a full range of activities concerning designing of communication nodes, including a plan for placement of equipment, network configurations and cabling, options for connection to the upstream operator or an existing network, indicating the qualitative indicators of telecommunication services and other relevant data.
Work is carried out taking into account the possibility of expanding the network.

Designing networks
"LSE" company performs engineering services for the construction of communication networks of 2G, 3G, 4G standards, including documents for construction of linear-cable constructions, documents for power supply, documents for joining an existing network or a higher operator process, documents for the calculation of quality indicators of the network.

Design of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL)
"LSE" Company performs engineering services for the construction of fiber-optic communication lines (FOCL), including network configurations, method of laying the line and route, plans for placement of equipment, power supply circuit equipment, entering to the premises and more.

Designing of base stations
"LSE" Company performs engineering services for networking of 2G, 3G, 4G standards. Design solutions provide a scheme of arrangement of equipment, installation and mounting antennas to maximize the network to cover the desired area. The development is based on the organization of subscriber access.
In addition, the company's specialists calculate the radiation level of antennas and the impact on the environment.

Designing of radio-relay links
"LSE" Company performs engineering services for the construction of radio relay lines (RRL). Elaboration of the documentation provides research of the landscape and relief for the design of the optimal route link. Designing radio relay is preparation of number of documents on equipment placement, mounting antennas and electrical equipment.